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Understeer and Oversteer

Understeer and Oversteer are the two obscure terms used by the critics. ⠀Both terms describe how a car handles when you push it beyond the limit of tire grip. It's worth remembering that people who

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Are Luxury Cars Worth the Extra Money?

Are luxury cars worth the extra money? To determine if a luxury car is worth the extra money, you must first determine what kind of driver you are. Are you a driver that just needs a mode of transport

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Reconsidering Your Lease Car

Leasing a car has its immediate perks like getting a new car every few years, not being stuck with one car, and a lower monthly payment. However, if you feel stuck or you made a mistake, it might be h

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Common Mistakes Made When Buying A New Car

Purchasing a car is not a small expense to consider, so do not take it lightly. You must put it time and research in order to get your dream car and make the right decisions. Many customers underestim

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Car Laws

Looking for a used car might seem like a lot of researching, testing, and guessing- but if you know the rules to buying used cars it will be an easy experience. There are general laws on used car purc

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What Is A Timing Belt

Your car's timing belt is sealed in its own housing, making it extremely difficult to check on your own. Timing belts should be left to an experienced technician who has experience dealing with them.

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Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid?

The first automatic transmission was introduced in the Buick concept car in the late 30s, and in the post-WWII years, automatics became more and more common, especially in luxury brands such as Cadill

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Car Shopping On Black Friday

Black Friday–a day after Thanksgiving–has become a holiday in its own right. Also buying and leasing a new car is a great time, with manufacturers claiming their place in the retail market with co

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What To Look For When Buying A Car

If you want the car feel, without the new car price than purchasing a used car often times is the better deal. While a used car may be a sensible option for consumers to make smart choices. When buyin

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Buying A Car With Bad Credit

The experience at a dealership and the process of buying your new car at the best price and time of the year to secure the deal you want. The pleasure rate also falls even more for customers with bad

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