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Looking for a used car might seem like a lot of researching, testing, and guessing- but if you know the rules to buying used cars it will be an easy experience. There are general laws on used car purchase that the United States enforce, but within each state and dealership there are also even more laws to follow. Today we will be discussing the three most important laws found in California that you need to know about. These are the three most important laws relating to used cars if you’re looking to buy a used car in California.

Buyer’s Remorse Law

This law gives customers the right to cancel agreements or refund goods without explanation within the given days after the agreement is official. Not all states have the same laws for cars, but in California, there is no three-day cooling-off cycle for used cars like new cars do, however, the dealer may offer you the chance to buy a cooling-off period of two days. You are able to return the used car and cancel the service you signed up for without being questioned. However, not all contracts made can be cancelled because they rely on contract law or company policy.

California provides provisions for Buyers Remorse Law for the sale of used cars. If you buy the protection for your used car and then decide to return the vehicle, you’ll have to return it to the exact dealer you purchased it from two business days after the agreement is made without having exceeded the mileage limits stated in the contract. The Buyers Remorse Law does not apply to motorcycles or commercial vehicles.

Lemon Law

The Lemon Law provides the buyers of cars and other consumer goods with a remedy in case it repeatedly fails to meet standards of quality and performance of the automotive manufacturer. California is one of the only states to have a Lemon Law but typically it covers only new cars. California will provide provision for the Lemon Law on new cars, but you can still benefit from this law if you bought the car with a dealership certified warranty for the used car.

Usually, the warranties are valid from 30 days to 3 months (or even longer) depending on the dealer you purchase from. The car’s dealership warranty will protect you in the same way it protects a new lemon car. You may also avoid paying fees through the benefit of implied warranty merchantability that would be required to be paid under the dealer’s warranty.

California Warranty Law

The California Warranty Law states that if the manufacturer advertises the cars as registered pre-owned vehicles, then they must provide the customer with at least 30 days of guarantee warranty. If the certified dealer you purchase your car from tells you to make direct transactions from you to the dealership, then the seller must provide you with a 1,000 miles of warranty as well.


These three important laws that regulate the sale of used vehicles in California should be taken into consideration when purchasing a used car. It is crucial to know these three laws when you purchase a used car in California so you should educate yourself on these laws before purchasing a used car. Good luck searching and go out there and find your next used car.

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