Common Mistakes Made When Buying A New Car

June 9th, 2020 by

Purchasing a car is not a small expense to consider, so do not take it lightly. You must put it time and research in order to get your dream car and make the right decisions. Many customers underestimate how easy it is to make the wrong decisions and preparations before looking and buying a new vehicle. There are five most common mistakes that consumers usually make when browsing for a new car. Let us tell you what are these mistakes and how to avoid them and buyer’s remorse.

Not Checking Your Credit Score

While it may seem harmless to start browsing for a car- getting ahead of yourself and looking for a car before you check your credit score will do more harm than good. Without checking your score, you may find several “dream cars” that you might not be approved for and get your hopes up. The score of your credit is important because it affects the acceptance of an auto loan and the rates/terms of financing the car. Low credit scores will lead to higher loan rates. Once you check your credit score you can assess what price range you can be approved for and if it is too low, you can take time to get it higher and get a better car and rates. You can use online sources such as or any other free basic credit report website to frequently check your score and stay on top of it.

Not Researching Online

You should always start your search for a new car buy using your available online sources. In our advanced era, we do not need to look at car ads and visit every local dealership to find a good deal. We can enter one search and find an abundance of results in the palm of our hands. Sometimes you might even find more information on a vehicle online than in person at a dealership because of how easy it is to put out and access the information. You can compare makes and models, engine types, gas mileage, and any other information to make the right choice for you. Another thing to research online if you are looking into used cars is the history of the vehicle. You can use online websites such as CarFax, AutoCheck, and AutoDNA by entering a car’s VIN number to get the full history reports. After doing your thorough research, that is when you head to the dealership and check out the cars in reality and compare to its virtual record.

Not Having a Test Drive

Some cars may look good on paper and on the exterior but you won’t be able to really know the car until you drive it! Buying a car is exciting and a long process but taking a test drive is a necessary step that you must not skip if you are in a hurry. Some things to pay attention to when you are testing a car is how it “feels” when driving (is it smooth, hard to handle, or sensitive brakes and accelerator), how comfortable it is, and how well it performs. Some dealerships may have a “no test drive policy”, but here at Western Motors there is always a test drive guaranteed. If you can’t get a test drive, try a full walk-around and pay attention to every detail. If a walk around isn’t allowed either consider that a red flag and just walk away from the deal.

Not Considering Paying In Full

It may seem easier and cheaper to pay off a new car by using monthly payments rather than paying the total price, but it is not in the long run. Longer term agreements mean more interest rates and that you will end up paying more than the actual price of the car. Sometimes contracts can be so confusing that you end up paying almost double the price so you can paya a small amount every month. So our advice is if you can afford and plan accordingly, you should pay off the car at one time or in a shorter amount of time than the typical monthly agreements.

Not Valuing Modern Safety Features

We are in an age of technology that is developing and advancing everyday, so why not take advantage of this when it comes to your safety. Your safety should always be your number one priority and you can always find a car that has the perfect balance between what you value whether it is style, speed, safety, comfortability, and affordability. Some of the modern safety features you should look into is ABS (anti-lock brake system), ESC (electronic stability control), and HPA (head protecting airbags). These features might be extra expenses but they are definitely worth every penny.


Now that you know the top five most common mistakes, you will definitely not commit them. You have all the resources in your hand to make the right choices and be confident in your decision. If you want a head start in your research, start by learning how to trade-in your car and then browse our inventory online!

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