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  • Schedule Oil Change and Auto Service Online

    It’s always daunting when the engine light comes on because servicing your vehicle can be expensive and it’s hard finding an adequate auto shop. Out of the many car repair shop in Merced, CA, our service center at Western Motors Merced is one of the go-to automotive repair shops in the Modesto-area.

    We specialize in everything from parts replacement and tune-ups and more! Now, auto service can be quicker than ever because you can schedule an oil change online with our service center today! Learn how below and skip the waiting line today!

    How To Schedule An Oil Change Online?

    Scheduling a service appointment at our auto service center is easy and fast to do!

    By adding in data about your vehicle, our certified mechanics can get ready for your arrival at the time you’ve selected. Not only do skip the first-come-first but we can get ready for your vehicle specifically and what it needs. Learn how to schedule an oil change online below:

    1. Add your first and last name, along with your email and phone number
    2. Next, add the make, model year of the vehicle, its current mileage, and if it’s under warranty
    3. Finally, you select whatever you want serviced on the car and your preferred date and time to come in
    4. And, you hit submit

    It’s that easy to set up a service appointment at our repair shop!

    Schedule a Service Appointment with Western Motors Merced

    Don’t wait another minute longer, if you need auto service on your time, schedule an oil change online with us today. We offer the best auto service in Merced! Contact us for more information!